Welcome to a new way of thinking about a pistol! Welcome to a new 1911!

We're an Offensive Team, a Directed Operations Group!  That's the general term for the professional units that go out and ACTIVELY hunt terrorists and criminals.  With input direct from the battlefield,  we designed and built a pistol that is so robust it is used by many of the finest lawmen, operators and OPS Teams this country has produced.  This gun has been around the globe, crossed every ocean, every sea and has been in combat since 2008.  So, if you're in the market for something that is built to Main Battle Tank Standards, you've finally found the right firearm.  The standard of a fighting handgun has changed!


We didn't stop there!   Our new Precision Rifle Series, the Archangels, will be hitting the marketplace shortly.  In a winter outing competition, in -18* weather, our rifle shot a .470" group at 300 meters suppressed.  It was also the only rifle in that competition to place rounds onto a 6"X9" steel target at 1040 meters.  The catch you ask?  You couldn't use a laser range finder.  You had to range your target old school and under a time constraint.  Our shooters accomplished this feat in under 2 minutes with 10 rounds fired, 6 rounds on target!


The new 2014 series of DOG pistols will be coming out soon.   These pistols will change forever what you think of a 1911.  From the operators who have seen the drawings and prototypes, we KNOW we've built something so strong that if you find yourself in an unpleasant situation, this gun WILL HELP GET YOU BACK to safety, your team and eventually your family! 

As fast as we can produce the pistols and parts, we'll make them available here for you to see and purchase.  Find us on FaceBook for updates as they become available.  We'll be glad to field any questions you may have.   


Dealers - please call us for special pricing.